Lorenzo Zanetta - Azienda Vitivinicola Piemontese

Since its foundation by the forefather Lorenzo Zanetta, the constant research for the best enological expression has been the leitmotiv of seventy years of the company’s history. This is a unique occasion for the wine grower to enclose in one chalice the essence of a precious territory like Piedmont’s one. Lorenzo Zanetta nowadays sorts and produces the best wine qualities from Piedmont, seeking each time their intrinsic nature and exalting their distinctive characters.

The second generation, brothers Sergio and Valter, decided at the beginning of the 90s to invest in the Upper Piedmont area. The area has a long-standing tradition in quality enology and Lorenzo Zanetta can boast about fifty years of experience in the same field. From this the new production unit of Sizzano, at the foot of the vineyards’ hills and on the cutting edge of technology and logistics, was born. The investment in the cellar goes along with the commitment in the vineyards. New ones are acquired and agreements with local wine makers are signed, in order to grant the supplying of the best grapes from the territory.

Therefore, wines from this unique territory, lying between the Novara hills and the banks of the Sesia river, at the foot of Monte Rosa, are added to the well-established range of red and white wines. The investment plan reached its climax with the acquisition of the “Monsecco” historic cellar, whose brand today marks a special selection of wines, made only from the native vines of these lands.

Lorenzo Zanetta - Azienda Vitivinicola Piemontese

Lorenzo Zanetta’s production is today an important patrimony of perfumes and tastes, an expression of fidelity to its native land and a defense of the proper essence of each wine against the prevailing trivialization of tastes, fostered by globalization.

Top-quality grapes and state-of-the-art technologies, following in the footsteps of the great winemaking tradition of Piedmont. This is in short the philosophy that guides Lorenzo Zanetta.